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Discover the platform that makes it easy, quick, and affordable to trade online

Programmers Working at the Office

Because Moshtare distills and delivers the many years of programming experience to help you successed online

Why Moshtare is the perfect platform for your online shop?

Because Moshtare distills and delivers the many years of programming experience to help you successed online

Programmers Working at the Office

Make your marketing efforts effective

Automate Selling

Let your customers find all they need and be make orders without intervention

24/7 Open

Your online shop doesn't close or sleep!

Video For Your Products

Let the video do the conveniencing, no need to repeat the same lines to each customer

Increase Customer Loyalty

Loyalty Program

Rewarding your customers with points increases the likelihood of them coming back for more

Mobile App

In addition to the website, the mobile application makes it easy for your customers to reach you and make orders quickly

Free Notifications

Send notifications to your customers for free

Orders Management

Integrated Shipping

Send order information to your delivery partners through email or Whatsapp

Categorize Orders Statuses

Manage your orders based on their status, and let your customer know your progress

Invoice Printing

Print A4 or thermal invoices for your customers

Sales Reports

Easily extract sales reports for any period

Marketing Tools

Engage Your Followers

Keep your followers engaged by rewarding them with points for fun competitions or sales campaigns

Discount Coupons

Create discount coupons for your customers

Affiliate Marketing

Track sales that come from your affiliate marketers

World Wide Availability

Online Payment

Integrate your online shop with your preferred online payment provider

English Language

Choose English as a primary or secondary language for your shop

All Currencies

Accept orders and payments in any currency

Shipping Costs

Shipping costs can be setup based on product weight

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the services provided by Moshtare?

Through Moshtare you can build your online shop and launch it through a website of your own (you choose the domain name) and a mobile application of your own (you choose the name) that runs both on iOS and Android

What servers are used for the Moshtare online shops

We use AWS servers and gaurantee 100% availability and high speed

How do I start?

Through simple steps you can create your online shop and and choose the subscription plan that works for you

How easy is it to setup my own shop?

Once you start you'll be guided through the steps recommended to setup your online shop both through the control panel and by our representatives who will contact you to make sure the process runs smoothly

Can I try for 1 month?

Yes, you can choose a monthly subscription and cancel anytime, no commitment


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