Our Ideas

Impact and Profit

We want our business to contribute positively to people's lives. This is done directly by providing small businesses with an edge to be able to compete in the market, and indirectly by benefiting the customers with the healthy competition around them.

Profit is important to us and to our partners in order to grow and have a bigger impact, but it's not our most important motivator, if profit contradicts a social value that we beleive in, we're committed to always prioritize our values, and we are confident that we can do it and be successful at the same time.

Free Upgrades

In light of the current difficulties facing small business owners, we offer a free upgrade plan for 6 months. You can easily apply for the free plan by emailing us here

We trust that humans are fundamentally good and so we trust that only few if any will abuse this giveaway.

We Accept Help

As we ourselves are not a big corporation, we sometimes need help from our communities with things like translation or design, if you like what we're about and you would like to contribute, please contact us here


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